Staff Onboard and Guide


Congratulations on being accepted and joining the RetroMC Staff team. We hope you find your place within our team and are a valuable edition.

Below you will find useful information, commands, documentation, etc. regarding the server.

We look forward to working with you very soon.

  • Staff Hierarchy

Trial Helper

  • Watch the other Staff and how they handle situations.

  • Monitor channels and chat for rule breakings.

  • Participate in Moderation when confident in the commands.


  • Takes care of rule-break issues within the server chats and voice.

  • Ensures that issues are resolved without creating public drama.


  • Thorough understanding of the rules and server functions.

  • Great activity record within the Staff team.


  • Entrusted with managing the Community and Moderators at large.

  • Reports directly to the Operators, providing key information.

Server Operator

  • Understanding of the server and functions are extremely in-depth.

  • Handles server functions, payments, and other high-tier issues.

  • Responsibility

For most issues, you will direct users to make a ticket on the #helpdesk channel on the Discord. Do not assist them in public channels as most cannot be resolved without a level of privacy.

Your judgement is critical in decision making. Keeping intent in mind, understanding mistakes vs malicious intent, and judging the member overall instead of their single action is of utmost importance.

  • Discord Moderation

The Discord Moderation Academy is a great resource to reference when learning to be an effective moderator. The links below are most relevant to this community.

Code of Conduct

  • Disclipline

Staff are to remain in control of a situation at all times and should never stoop down to the level that the offending member is residing at. You must also not do the following:

  • Editing the roles/ranks of a user on the Server or Discord, giving them access to restricted commands, channels, or voice communications.

  • Power trips, no-cause moderations, or similar actions.

  • Performing major non-approved edits to the server.

  • Disclosing confidential operations of Staff outside of Staff chats.

  • Exposing information of those making Staff applications publicly.

  • Providing regular members methods of how to bypass automoderation, security protocols, or other functions.

  • Enforcing Rules


This guide is relative and should not be followed exactly. Take into account the entire history of the player and their time invested in the server.


  • Griefing is a permanent ban. (exceptions: extremely minor such as 1-2 blocks or crop stealing.)

  • Name-squatting (using another persons username) is a permanent ban.

  • Hacking is a permanent ban. (exceptions: macro-based cheating such as autoclicker.)

  • Ban evasion is 2x the punishment, subject to permanent on second offense.

  • Repeat offenses are exponential increases as the Moderator sees fit.


  • Personal attacks, off-topic content, NSFW content, etc. are all unacceptable within the server.

  • Deleting messages, verbal warnings, or bot-issued warnings are the best method to quell discourse.

  • Ensure off-topic content is removed ASAP and the user educated on which channel it is appropriate in.

  • Drama must be removed from public channels, and directed towards a ticket. No flame wars in general.

In-Game Bans



Content cannot be deleted once submitted. Ensure all information is correct before submitting.

  1. To utilize JBans, you will need to use the command /jbcode in-game to generate your Staff ID.

  2. After this, navigate to the JBans Website to submit your evidence.

  3. Post screenshots of evidence in incoming, then link them within your evidence on the website.